A Multi-Sport tile designed for indoor & outdoor surfaces

LOKFLOR is an interlocking, self-draining all-weather Sports Surface used for indoor & outdoor courts. Developed in Germany in 1984 & later manufactured in South Africa. The tiles are made from a SASOL LLDPE Polymer and is guaranteed for 15 years with 20 years life expectancy.

LOKFLOR is FDA approved, tested by the University of Johannesburg & U.K Sports Labs & endorsed by the English Cricket Board & International Cricket Council.

LOKFLOR is a non-slip surface with a specialised multidirectional flex design, creating a cooler playing area & minimizes muscle fatigue & stress on joints. The surface is self-draining allowing play to resume directly after rain. We resurface and install new sports courts accommodating up to five sports courts on one court, as well as Futsal & Hockey.

LOKFLOR will not damage under any footwear but rubber soled shoes are recommended to avoid slipping.

The playing straight lines of LOKLFOR are made of individual quartered tiles. The circular markings are painted and maintaining these markings is necessary every 4-5 years.

LOKFLOR can be placed on a grass surface temporarily or can be used for any other temporary usage.

LOKFLOR surface will not damage the grass if left for a few weeks, but not advisable to be left for long term use.

LOKFLOR Sports Surface or the ®Skillzmat can be lifted and relocated.

LOKFLOR is installed on a hard levelled existing concrete or asphalt base, dependant on the condition, or on a prepared asphalt or concrete base surface. Logos can be printed with a size restriction of 3 x 2 meters


Tiles are available in the following colours