The revolution in night time tennis

Environmental lighting systems are setting the standard for quality, performance efficiency and design for tournaments, residential and recreational tennis courts.

Elsco systems give the optimum performance and uniformity on every part of the court. The result is an evenly distributed light pattern which effectively eliminates multiple shadows. The advanced SCL (sharp-cut off luminaries) design ends harsh glare and annoying light spillage onto adjacent properties.

The Elsco system is cost effective, energy efficient and the “Enviro Light II” system can easily be installed on any new or existing tennis court. The optical system is the nucleus of the “Enviro Light II” and is engineered within the theoretical limits of controlled light distribution. Stroboscopic distortion caused by the ball moving from light to dark to light is reduced to the minimum.

The Elsco system provides players with the lighting performance it takes to be a winner.

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Illumination – The standard point of light measurements is one meter above the playing surface. At this point light can be measured more precisely as it relates directly to playing requirements.

Colour Quality – With the many different playing surfaces and variety of ball colours available, true white light colour characteristics best simulates daylight. Since skin tones and dress colours are enhanced by the “Enviro Light”, players will play more confidently knowing they look good.

Fixture Location – The most desirable location of luminaries for tennis court lightning is outside the ally lines. This guarantees efficient cross-court illumination and eliminates extreme glare during serves and normal play. At a designed height of 6.1M or less, the light created is utilized to it fullest while allowing the field of vision to be unimpaired. During daylight hours, the fixture’s appearance becomes integrated into the surroundings, while the low mounting height reduces daytime shadows.

Lamp Life – Lamp life for tennis usage generally translates into 5 years. High Intensity Discharge lamps have a longer life expectancy with normal usage of two to four hours per night.

Energy Efficiency – The most efficient tennis lightning system use fixtures with metal halide lamps that use less power than most other lighting systems. Metal halide lamp performance is not adversely affected by weather changes and/or temperature fluctuations.

Luminaries – Maximum playability is further achieved by the advanced SCL (sharp cut-off luminaries) design which eliminates glare and annoying light spillage through hidden and shielded lamp placement.  The “Enviro Light II” is deemed to meet or exceed current zoning restrictions against light pollution.